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Seems a strange title, doesn't it? But, something has happened that let me know how close God is to me and how interested He is in my life.

I have posted tremedous miracles that God has done in my family, so I know that prayer and FAITH work. But those were focused, sincere prayers in times of need and miraculous results were expected and seen! But think on this and give me your insight or thoughts or reaction.

God has given me a treat of a job with a group of fine fellows (mechanics younger than me that insist on doing all the heavy work) and self-autonomus with a schedule called 3-2-2.

That being 3 days off, 2 days on and 2 days off at 12 hours/day. That equates to working 7 out of 14 days and every other weekend a 3 day weekend.

Then 6 months ago, the Automation Technician applied for and was denied a Maintenance Supervisor position. At this point, we had 4 maintenance shifts and 2 supervisors, so 2 shifts did not have a supervisor, hence we took care of it ourselves-- autonomus.

So the Automation Tech called Seattle (Washington) Headquarters and filed a complaint. He was then placed as our B-NIGHTS shift supervisor.

He was not good at it. He is 27, masters degree in Engineering, and has never lead people. His style was to micro-manage. His attitude was he was going to direct repairs regardless of the fact that we had aggrigate over 100 years of practical experience.

This lead to tremedous stress. I tried to be a help to him, even prayed for his back and for his son and for his wife when she mis-carried. What was I to do. The job was no joy anymore.

My wife, Sis Rhonda, knew something was wrong and we talked about it often and everytime we came up with the same plan of action--pray for the man.

One day I overheard him saying that what he really wanted to be was an engineer in the planning dept.. Well, I prayed that God would give this man a promotion.

AND HE DID! He is now in Engineering on a project to reduce waste and increase profit.

Does God really care that much about my comfort in such a worldly thing as a job?

Or is it that God Loves Me?

My favorite scripture:

"But God..."
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