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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

It has been some time since I've posted any type of devotional. Our local church has erupted with revival! God is moving in New England! With that said in my morning devotion I felt to pray for everyone that is connected to ASR. What a valid ministry we have. Our church has an annual Memorial day cookout, and service in the park, on the Sunday before Memorial day every year. We had 8 motorcycles at this event and I didn't even get to ride. As a result three bikers that were there looking for an "AA" picnic were admiring the bikes. Jeff Banores our ASR President invited them to join us for some food. Three hours later they left and never made it to the AA outing. They left their information, indicating on our guest card they wanted to know more about our church and said they will be coming to our service this Sunday.

Why share all that?

Because someone needs to know we are Victorious!

I love the way Psalm 45:4 reads in the ESV, "In your majesty ride out victoriously for the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness; let your right hand teach you awesome deeds!"

As we enter into the heart of riding season, especially we northerners, let us "ride out victoriously for the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness..."

We ride not to be like this world but to be a light to this world. We ride not to show how tough we are, and we are right? But we ride to show how touched we have been by the Masters right hand! The symbolism of His strength, His power, His authority in our life! Let meekness and righteousness flow through our spirits, our conversations, our contact with others.

Be encouraged today, your not alone! He is with you! Because of Him we ride victoriously!
Amen brother awesome report.
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