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WORTH - Pondering my “worth” today. So many of us come from an MC world or we are looking to reach into the MC world through ASR. It has been my experience that, regardless of our background, we are all desiring to be part of something, accepted, welcomed. We want to feel like we are “worth” something.

The façade we put on that we are ok, all is well, or I’ve got this tends to break down over time and the end result isn’t pretty. When we give up on pursuing our “worth” marriages, ministries, business’s so many aspects of this life crumble under the pressure we put on ourselves in the measurement of our “worth”. Be encouraged today to think right, positive, healthy, Godly thoughts. Your, your best source of encouragement outside of Him, after all its our own voice we hear more than anyone else’s. I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I’ve been adopted and cry Abba Father! Most likely what you think others think about you isn’t what they think at all! Frankly our concern should be with what Jesus thinks of us.

Worth defined: “the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.” Be careful who and what you consider valuing yourself against. When I compare myself to Him, there is simply no comparison. When I value myself against my neighbor, completely different lives. When I value myself against the successful business person, again no real comparison.

Today why not throw it all to the side and open handed, open armed accept what Jesus says we are worth. He said we are worth Calvary. We are worth the shedding of His blood. We are worth 30 years of earthly ministry only to pay the ultimate price for you and I. Your worth is greater than you can ever imagine and we simply can’t measure our worth with the measurements of this world. Take time today to be alone with Jesus and let Him tell you what your “WORTH” is.

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