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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord as I get ready to get on this motorcycle and prepare to ride,just let me feel your presence with me riding side by side, let us feel the wind together blowing across our face ,don't let me fail to see and smell the nature around me as I ride from place to place. Dear Lord, keep me safe from harm and let the other drivers see me as I ride by. And every once in a while -even though I am a biker -let them stop just to say Hi. Keep me alert and always watching out for others, and don't let me fail to stop and help out one of my sisters or brothers. And when my time is up and it's time for me to take that final ride, give me a chance to tell everyone I love them. ThanKS for letting me be a biker and do what I love while sharing the gospel and bringing hope to the lost and hurting. Nothing is better than a ride with JESUS.
Central region chaplain
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