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Mechanics of Motorcycles

September 16, 2015 by
Mechanics of Motorcycles
Test your Mechanics skills pretty simple questions.
1. What type of drive system is the most common?
2. The rotational force of the crankshaft is transmitted to...?
3. Unwanted motion in the rear of the motorcycle is called?
4. What allows motorcycles to use tubeless tires now?
5. When was the motorcycle’s layout established?
6. Which of the following is NOT one of the four ways used to classify a motorcycle engine?
7. Which of the following is NOT one of three basic ways to transmit engine power to the motorcycle’s rear wheel?
8. The frame, suspension, wheels and brakes comprise the motorcycle’s:
9. Which of the following types of motorcycles aren’t street-legal?
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Daniel Raymond Floyd
67% ?! really? OK so Cast wheels allowed the use of tubeless tires... what sense does it make to say the tires allowed use of the tires?! one piece wheels is what made that possible... noone uses the deminsions of the engine? hello.. 88CC, 96CC, 110CC, and now 107CC... those are engine demensions.....
  • January 21, 2017
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Daniel Raymond Floyd
Can't go back and fix it, but I realize I said CC (cubic Centimeters) where I should have said CI (Cubic Inches). The 88 was around 1400CC. Sportsters are named for their engine displacement, 883, 100, 1200,etc... As well as a slough of metric bikes. Displacement is a dimension of the engine...
  • January 22, 2017
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