Momma Don’t Let Your Kid Grow Up To Be A Biker!

I can remember the early conversations that occurred between myself and my parents about wanting a motorcycle when I reached the age of 15. Now understand that my Dad’s sister had been killed in a motorcycle accident when in her 20’s. You can imagine how the conversation turned out! Obeying those that have the rule (or ruler) over you is so difficult! The only horse that I was riding until many years later was one that ate a lot of hay! As the years progressed my life separated from home, I found myself buying a few bikes and learning through a couple of accidents that did no damage to myself the reasons why Mom & Dad were trying to keep me from getting hurt. Motorcycle and other forms of riding entertainment is certainly dangerous and have the potential of great bodily harm so please remember to be careful and keep your head on a swivel! Bike safety however is not my intent in this article. One of my earliest conversations with my Pastor centered around the idea of obeying parents when the directive was not seemingly in my interest or not based in sound judgement! (Tic) His counsel has stayed with me and has keep me from making some very stupid decisions in my life. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to be riding down the road with the wind in your face and feeling the freedom that being on a motorcycle makes you free! You feel as if you don’t have any problems. You can feel as if you are the king of the world for a while. This feeling is part of the heritage of motorcycles and while the feeling can be addictive and certainly entertaining, it will also leave one with a false sense of self and life as it really is. You see, the truth is that while we are here living in this world, the only real freedom is found in our relationship with God and our sense of self is determined by the condition of our soul. As the ASR ministry grows and become more impactful in our society, we must fight against the false sense of worldly worth and false freedoms! The Bible tells of things that would seem to be right in the eyes of a righteous man to do and sometime that gives us pause. Would God really give humanity that much control over what our actions should be? I believe that the believer is also given the kind of decision making power that can change not only them, but the world around them! As we make decisions as to what direction and what kind of ministry that ASR will become, we should always make the decisions by prayer first and then (what seemeth right) decisions will be made with a real freedom of the spirit and with confidence in what God has for his ministers (of whom each ASR member becomes when he places that patch on his cut). If we only view the ASR as a way to get together with other bikers and have some windy fun, then we have missed the ministry and influence that I believe that Jesus has directed us to try and pursue! In every event, in every club ride, in every chapter meeting, let God direct you and find a way to minister to a lost and dying world that is seeking for a way to fill the void in their life left by satan. Remember that we are a Holy Ghost filled, baptized in Jesus name, Apostolic, and world changing motorcycle ministers! Our standards cannot change and our vision cannot dim! Our voices must be heard above the roar of our pipes! Our representation of Jesus to this world must be without blemish or spot!  We may be the only link to that MC member for them to find a way to Jesus! We cannot be less than Jesus wants us to be and that is a CHRISTIAN! Our ASR ranks will continue to grow but we must be careful in that growth. We must never lose our Apostolic identity for when we become like the ones that we are trying to reach, we have camouflaged what we are trying to show them. I would encourage you, the ASR ministry, to be of good cheer, to be of great faith, and to be of intense focus. As we focus on Christ, then our eyes will not become dim nor our character become weak! Don’t let us grow and become just bikers but let us grow and become ministers (who ride bikes)!! Our field is the highway but our destination is still Heaven! As you have elected me to be your Vice President, I can only hope to help ASR have the kind of impact that will allow Him to say well done, my good and faithful servant. Please know that I am praying for each of you in your endeavors for this ministry and am available to each of you as needed.

Pastor Randy Hennigan

ASR International VP

Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ National Men’s Conference

2017 Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ Menistry National Men’s Conference Maryville, TN September 15th & 16th.

The Maryville Azusa Streets Ministry will be sponsoring a motorcycle ride Friday the 15th This should prove to be a very beautiful ride through the mountains and valleys of east tennessee, getting back to Maryville mid afternoon with plenty of time to prepare for the evening service. We will be meeting at Shoney’s 1021 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy Maryville TN at 9:00 am kickstands up at 10:00 am. If you ride please come and be a part of this day of fellowship we look forward to seeing you there. For more information contact Bro Donnie Grider @ 936-648-1143 or email

Thank You for all Your Support

I wanted to take just a moment and thank everyone that participated in the 2017 Azusa StreetRiders National Conference in Denison, TX. In addition, I extend appreciation to Pastor and Sister Gilbert for their gracious hospitality in allowing Azusa StreetRiders to host this year’s conference at Truth Tabernacle Church. Also very special thanks to Sister Urissa Goodin, Brother Clarence Earp, and all of those who supported their efforts. Job well done! It was a great conference.

As many of you already know, this year’s elections yielded three new board members for the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. The new board consists of:

Robert Thompson, President
Randy Hennigan, Vice President
Laureen Theodore, Treasurer
Michel Luttrell, Secretary

We are all being diligent during this transition period to continue the good work that Brother Anthony Storey, Brother James Curley and Sister Lydia Diaz have done over the last several years, and I take my hat off to them. Moving forward, we’re getting ready for the annual ALJC (Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ) Men’s Conference, to be held in Maryville, Tennessee, September 15 and 16. We have been asked to sponsor a day ride, and I have been asked to speak at that conference about the ASR ministry. Everyone is invited, of course. Next on the agenda is the UPCI (United Pentecostal Church International) General Conference, in Kansas City, Missouri, September 26-29. We will have a booth set up there, so if you plan to attend, please stop by.

Moving into 2018 we’re already looking forward to the “Bind the Strong Man” event sponsored by Christian Faith Outreach Church in Ashland, Kentucky, March 2-3. Please plan to be there.

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support for the new board. The response is welcomed, and I for one am humbled by it all. I appreciate the confidence you have for us, but I covet your prayers more. In closing, I wish to make myself available to anyone that needs me. Therefore I have included my contact information below. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

God bless you all, and God bless America.

Human Vision

Drivers often say, “I didn’t see it” — after hitting a motorcycle!

I bring this up because one day last month I was at a stop sign, and while stopped I looked left then right, and then left then right. As I thought “all is clear” I then attempted  to move forward — only to realize a smaller motorcycle was in my path. I clearly did not see him at all. No, I did not hit him, but I know I gave him a huge scare, which brings me to this: Looking in the direction of something does not mean that we see it!

In general, we only see what we expect to see, or what we’ve trained ourselves to see. Our brain is wired to filter out much of what our eyes receive, focusing on specific items based on each individual’s experience and judgment, taking into account the relevance of the input to the task at hand, its location, perceived threat level, and any movement, and then prioritizing takes place even if important information is directly in front of us. Also, we have visual clarity in only a  three-degree cone in the center of our vision (“central vision”).

Some people believe they get better information from their peripheral vision then they actually do. To have a useful “big picture,” our central vision must be consciously directed to capture the important details. In other words, instead of our eyes passively transmitting images to our brain, our brain needs to direct our eyes to scan the environment, like a searchlight. Successful scanning strategies involve moving attention far-and-near, and side-to-side, to identify relevant factors, especially those that have little or no movement of their own.

The more effectively we gather information, the better we can make decisions and take appropriate action. This continuous process is called “S.E.E.” — Search, Evaluate, Execute. If searching identifies a hazard, and evaluation determines the hazard that should be avoided and suggests various ways to avoid it, the next step is executing an action. If you are lax with your eye movement, the visual field can “stagnate,” and less conspicuous items, such as motorcycles coming straight at you in an inter section, are rendered virtually invisible. Eye movement is critical, because, as hard as it is to notice and act on important clues in the central vision, imagine if those clues are outside that three-degree cone!

Just as hazardous as not focusing on the right thing in your visual environment is focusing on a single, wrong thing. Good riders keep their eyes moving, so they are able to detect and evaluate factors several seconds ahead and to the sides. This includes giving extra attention to known problem areas, such as intersections (including driveways) and blind corners, and periodically checking your mirrors to construct a “big picture” of the environment. I am always moving my head and eyes — scanning and checking my mirrors. Are you? Just ask my wife, and she will tell you: my head is always moving. Just remember your motorcycle may not be categorized as a ‘threat’ by the CAR/SUV driver’s brain, so your image is filtered out.

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


Thank You!!

Praise the Lord Azusa StreetRiders:

We had another awesome National Rally this year. The church services were superb. The Holy Ghost visited us in a mighty way!! We had an awesome turn out this year. Thank you to all that helped put this rally together. I got to meet a lot of our new members. Putting faces with the names is always my favorite part.

I would like to thank  the individuals that served on the board with me.

Rev. Lydia Diaz

Rev. Jim Curley

Bro. Michael Luttrell

I love you guys. Thank you so very much! We will always be family.

Special thanks to Rev. Doug Joseph for all the direction and wisdom he shared.

I am looking forward to seeing what is next in my ministry and what is next for the Azusa StreetRiders.

Now I would like to introduce the new ASR Board of Directors.

President: Bro. Robert Thompson

Vice President: Rev. Randy Hennigan

Treasurer: Sis. Lauren Theodore

Secretary: Bro. Michael Luttrell

If you follow God and work as a team, you will have great success. I’m here if you need any help getting adjusted to the job.

God Bless,
Rev. Anthony Storey
Exiting  Azusa StreetRiders International President


Did My Title get your attention
Membership in this club has its privileges. It is called the Smooth Riding Club.
So how does one become part of the smooth riding club? What are the requirements for membership? Simple just be committed to continual improvements and safer riding. In this club we don’t need people who are ignorant and inconsiderate of others, but what I really mean here is that members in this club are consistently smooth and precise. No jerks, no clunks, no head banging, no abrupt and jarring moves. How can one get the keys to the smooth riding clubhouse? Well I will let you in on a few club secrets.
READ THE ROAD AHEAD Getting your eyes up and looking farther ahead means you can eliminate the constant steering corrections that are common when riders focus just a few yards ahead of the front fender. Looking farther ahead also helps you anticipate activity up ahead, allowing you to eliminate surprises and respond smoothly and calmly to developing circumstances.
MAINTAIN A LIGHT TOUCH. The smoothest riders keep a very light touch on the handlebars and guide the bike with subtle inputs instead of steering the bike with forceful, tight-fisted stabs and tense,stiff arms. Lightly and tenderly movements is key.
MAKE BRAKING ULTRA-SMOOTH. Most riders could benefit by improving their braking transitions. Skilled riders recognize the need to allow smooth weight transfer from the rear wheel to the front during braking, and then back to the rear again as throttle is reapplied. To avoid bouncing the suspension like a pogo stick and accomplish a smooth transition, a minimum of 3-4 seconds should be allotted for braking, allowing sufficient time for smooth brake application and release (longer,if greater braking effort is applied). Think of braking like squeezing someone’s hand. Don’t grab. Instead, use a progressive squeeze and a polite release.
EXECUTE SEAMLESS UPSHIFTS. What is the trick for smooth up shifting? Three overlapping steps and regular practice. Start by pre loading the shift lever with your boot (you are wearing boots, right?). Apply just enough pressure to suggest the shift, not enough to cause an actual shift to occur without disengaging the clutch. Secondly, when your ready to make the shift, gently squeeze the clutch lever just far enough to be in the friction zone. ( You do know what is the friction zone is?).
It’s not all the way to the handlebar. The pre load shift lever will slip effortlessly into the higher gear. Thirdly, reestablish smooth and steady throttle as you ease the clutch back out of the friction zone for a silky smooth and silent up shift.
MAKE SILENT DOWNSHIFTS. The mark of a truly proficient rider is how he or she executes ultra- smooth down shifts with no clunks, jerks and no”turtle kisses” ( This is when riders and passenger bump helmets). In addition to pre loading the shift lever as described in up shifting, the trick is to match engine rpm with the gear you’ll be shifting to. How? Some riders blip the throttle as they squeeze the clutch lever. I prefer to hold the throttle steady in place of rolling off the throttle during the shift. I then squeeze the clutch lever only enough to allow the shift lever to snick into the lower gear (don’t squeeze the lever all the way to the handlebar). With practice, every down shift will be marked only by a change in engine sound, not by clunks and jerks. By dedicating efforts to work on these key techniques, you will not only see a marked improvement in your ability to ride more smoothly and expertly, you’ll be among the distinguished membership of the smooth riding club, And that’s not a bad club to be in. After all, there are no jerks allowed.
Keep The Contact Patch Between The Lines
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain



Praise the Lord Azusa StreetRiders, By the time you receive this issue we will be headed towards Denison Texas for the 2017 ASR National Rally.
I just wanted to say to each of you that it has been an honor to serve as the ASR
President and I thank you all for this opportunity.

I do have a few announcements to make.
First of all Rev. Robert Eades is still the National Chaplain, last month I made a mistake on the announcement that he was stepping down.
we do have a new International Chaplain that is Rev. Allen Cherry from La.
and we have add another east regional chaplain, Sis. Diane Beall from SC
Please travel safely to Texas.
we will be announcing the information fro bind the strongman 2018 and the 2018 & 2019 ASR Nation Rally at our Annual Business meeting.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.
God Bless
Rev. Anthony Storey
Azusa StreetRiders
International President

ASR National Election Special Addition of the Rumblings news letter

National President candidate

Robert Thompson

I realty debated weather or not to expound on my bio more than what I have on the Azusa StreetRiders web site, I would rather let my six years of service and sacrifice on the Azusa StreetRiders board reflect my desire to see this ministry grow and keep on track. Since the other candidates chose to do so I didn’t want anyone thinking I was obstinate to the request.

What Azusa StreetRiders means to me? It is and always has been a tool for reaching souls in a pastime that I enjoy. When we think about it this is the best of both worlds. I purchased my first Harley in 2008 and made a promise to my wife I would not ride or as we put it “fellowship” with those who were not in church unless I had another brother accompanying me on the ride because as the bible says she didn’t want me to be “unevenly yoked” so I adhered to her request. After 20 years of begging her to let me get a bike I thought it was the least I could do. Now for those he-men out there don’t puff up to much, you know what I am talking about. And for those who might want to say what kind of christen am I who doesn’t want to share the gospel with sinners and spread the word of God you don’t know me to well, I hurt for lost souls. You see I came out of the drug under world in Miami, FL as a cocaine dealer in the 70’s and early 80’s and I won’t go into that aspect of my life any more here but I will say I always want to be protective of my walk so I do try not to put myself in comprising positions to fail. So I have done my best to keep that promise to her.

To be transparent for the first six month’s or so I was so disappointed and not having as much enjoyment as I thought riding would bring. I did have an opportunity to witness to a few but always felt something missing. I had been 4-wheeling for many years and loved it; now on a 2-wheeler I was hoping the experience would be similar however riding by your self is no fun and well to tell the truth I was discouraged. However Jesus loves his kids and so one day my pastor came to me and told me about the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry I imminently call Rev Robert Knight “The Rev” and I was excited that in the next couple of weeks they would be sponsoring a ride here in my own back yard the Smoky Mountains. So I loaded up and met them at the Iron Horse motorcycle park in NC and I found what I was missing. That Sunday we went to the FAC Maryville church for the first time, Bro Kenneth Carpenter’s church where years later my wife and I have now become part of.

I have only been in three churches in my 30+ years walking with Jesus, one if Florida where I both a Sunday School teacher and youth leader for a number of years, one in Oak Ridge, TN when we moved here from FL in 2001 and our current church FAC Maryville after the pastor in our Oak Ridge gave up his ministry. Upon arriving at FAC Pastor Carpenter insisted we start an Azusa StreetRiders chapter there and so we did, he has been a firm supporter of this ministry since we arrived.

The Maryville chapter has sponsored many local events and two well attended Azusa StreetRiders National Rally’s. I have worked with the ALJC, UPCI organizations and local pastors on events, mostly within the state of TN such as the National Men’s Conferences and General Ministry Conference. The TN Men’s Conference in Nashville and the East TN Conference in Greenville TN. Organizing display booths and day rides. In addition I have attended many, many of the other Azusa StreetRiders chapter rides and supporting those events both with attendance and financially. On several of those I could not attend we as a chapter sent a donations and support when ever possible. In addition I have had the pleasure to be the State of Tennessee coordinator for many years promoting this ministry to other pastors through out the TN district.

I can really go on and on and forgive me if I sound boastful that is certainly not my intent. That is one of the reasons I do not like writing about myself and was hesitant even doing so. I pray daily that the Lord Jesus Christ extends to me a humility and contrite spirit. I think this is enough said for now.

I do want to say something about Brother Michael Theodore who is also running for President, I count him a dear friend of mine we just spent several days in Washington, DC a few weeks back where we were representing the Azusa StreetRiders at the Rolling Thunder Ride. Being a US Army veteran I know it touched me as it did Bro Theo standing in place of his son. This is also one of the things I do not care for in running for office I never want to bring anything between us and I know Bro Theo well enough to know he feels the same way.

In closing, I want the will of the Lord for this ministry and if the good Lord chooses Bro Theo as the next President of the Azusa StreetRiders I will stand in support of his position and make myself available and be his humble servant in any way I can.

God Bless this Ministry and God Bless America

Robert Thompson

TN District Coordinator

The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ

First Apostolic Church (FAC), Maryville Chapter, Maryville, TN

Home: 865-376-0045

Cell: 305-525-4877

Fax: 865-376-9792



National President candidate

Michael Theodore BIO: Hello my name is Michael Theodore (aka Theo). I live in Warren, Ohio with my awesome wife my best friend sis Theo. I attend Pentecostal Community Church in Jefferson, Ohio where I am the sound booth leader, home prayer group leader with my wife, and motorcycle ministry leader. I am the ASR national road captain and the Ohio coordinator.

What Azusa Street-Riders Ministry means to me; Fist off I would like to say ASR became a part of my family. This ministry is very personal to me. I came into ASR back in 2010 and ASR has forever changed my life. I was out of church for four years over something basically stupid and I got very hurt and bitter over it to where it was starting to make me go into a depression. On March 31st 2010 my life was forever changed when our son was killed. I realized heaven and hell are real and that we are not promised tomorrow. It took a very tragic accident to wake me up. A friend from our church knew of the Azusa Street-Riders and told my pastor about it. I remember that day clear as can be. My pastor took me and my son-in-law and a few church members down to my first ASR biker Sunday in southern Ohio. That day started what I call my bond with my ASR family. My Pastor knew that this ministry would help me and I have to say without my ASR family and the Lord I would have gone into a huge depression.

My burden to reach the lost through this wonderful outreach has gotten bigger, not only for Ohio [which we have grown tremendously], but I also have that same vision to see us grow nationally. I have a strong passion for this ministry. We all need to be united in unity with the same passion and vision to move us forward.

Our vision as members should all be the same to reach lost souls. Thank you Bro Beall for founding this Awesome ministry where we all take our love and passion of riding motorcycles, then mixing in outreach with riding. I love everything about ASR and what it stands for. I am a man who doesn’t like titles I like to run under the radar so to speak. I am so deeply humbled and honored to be even nominated for President.
Please pray for God’s covering and unity over this election before you cast your vote. I will fully support this board whoever gets elected. I love you all may God bless you all.

Michael Theodore (aka Theo)


National Treasurer Candidate

Lydia Diaz Bio, Position nominated for: Treasurer

I started in 2008 working the ASR website and store. My husband and I became Roaming Ambassadors for ASR in 2010. We would go to many events as ASR representatives during the course of the year and helped with starting new works in the churches using motorcycle ministry as an outreach. In 2011 I was voted in as Treasurer for ASR and I am currently still in that position. I have over 30 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting and I used to serve on the school board as well as the SJ chapter board. Most importantly is that I have a desire to reach lost souls. I was called  when I was in 3rd grade and have had a personal relationship with God while growing up. When I was 22 I was lead to a church that preached the truth and it has been 38 years since I was baptized in Jesus Name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. We are more than just a board we are representatives of Jesus Christ.


ASR is the Army of Jesus Christ and the gifts of the spirit are our weapons. Prayer and fasting will allow us to use our weapons in spiritual warfare and we will be victorious.


6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

6:15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

 Lydia Diaz.
ASR International Treasurer
National Treasurer Candidate

Laureen Theodore Bio: Hello my name is Laureen Theodore from Warren, Ohio. I have been married to Michael [Theo] for 31 years and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I have been nominated for Treasurer. I have 11 years of banking experience with 2 of them being in charge of the computer program of the bank employees training for federal compliance. I am a first generation Pentecostal and have had the Holy Ghost for 35 years. I have been the Sunday school superintendent for 5 years, Vacation Bible School director, part of the praise team, alter worker, home prayer group leader, part of the outreach team and the ladies eastern region chaplain for Azusa Street-Riders.

What the Azusa Street-Riders ministry means to me; My life was forever changed on March 31st , 2010 when our 19 year old son was killed in a tragic car accident. Since my son rode motorcycles with us a friend suggested my husband check out the Azusa Street-Riders. Michael along with our pastor went to a biker Sunday in southern Ohio a couple of months after the accident. The people we have met through ASR have become family to us. The ASR members that have known me from the beginning know that for me ASR was all about my husband and his healing. I was just in the background trying to figure out where I fit in while dealing with my own grief. Because of this amazing ministry and the people that have been there for me and prayed for me it has changed my world. Three years ago I began to feel like I was a part of this ministry and had a purpose of my own instead of just following my husband, we are now in this together. The Azusa Street-Riders ministry is in my heart and soul and it is my desire to work together to see this ministry grow and be a blessing to others as it has been to us. As always pray for Gods will and purpose when making your decision on who to vote for. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you.

National Vice President candidate

Bro. Randy Hennigan; Below is my personal bio that has been requested.

I received the Holy Ghost in Starks, La at the age of 10 years old. I attended the First Pentecostal Church of Starks until I married my wife, Stephanie, in 1994. We continued to worship in Starks until we moved to the Apostolic Church in Beaumont one year later. While there, I worked as a music teacher and actor in their dramas. In 1998 we moved to Landmark UPC to help Pastor James Lee. I have participated in the Church in a Day Program as an electrician for a number of years. While at Landmark, I spent most of my outside preaching agenda at home mission churches in the Texas District. In 2004 due to a secular job change, the Lord moved us to New Orleans, La. At that time, the Pentecostals of Kenner became open for a new pastor and we have been here ever since. We have watched the congregation grow from just 10 people to 60 before Katrina. After the storm, we again started with 10 folks and now are in a newly remodeled sanctuary with over 60 people again. Much prayer, fasting, and community involvement accomplished this. We actively engage in a community Angel Food Ministry and neighborhood prayer rallies. In the time we have been in Kenner, two full time evangelists have been sent out of the assembly and are doing great things in the kingdom. The section saw fit to elect me as the Section 12 Sunday School Director position for three years. I have been involved with ASR for the last three years and currently hold the Secretary position for the SELASR. Other hobby are hunting, fishing, golf, and ham radio. My secular career has been in Global Sales Management and Project Management.

National Vice President candidate

Hello my name is Scott E. Culver and I have been nominated for Vice-President for the Azusa Street Riders (ASR) motorcycle ministry.

I retired from the U.S. Navy as Chief Petty Officer after serving for nearly 22 years as a Chief Hospital Corpsman. During my time serving this great Nation, both during times of peace and at war, I learned how to serve the needs of people.  Some of the few notable assignments I experienced included leading medical departments on four nuclear class submarines and a seven state region for the U.S. Marine Corps as Regimental Corpsman providing medical services for deployments of Marines to South West Asia (e.g. Iraq and Afghanistan). While serving on active duty the Lord continued to put the revelation of His Word into my spirit as I began this great journey to apostolic faith.  In this, I became a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) where I experienced the joys of ministering the Gospel while associating with others who ride motorcycles coming from different denominations of Christian faith. After joining CMA and involved with different state chapters, I assumed multiple positions from Road Captain up through chapter Vice President.  When stationed in Norfolk, VA, I was instrumental in establishing a new chapter for CMA in Suffolk, VA which grew to over 30 members during a short three month period before being transferred to Kansas City, MO.


As a first generation apostolic, I received the full revelation of Jesus Christ which led me to be baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. My brother, Rev. A. Lea Culver (G-OH) was instrumental in discipling me and my family teaching Bible studies and other Spiritual conversation.  In 2011, Lea Culver baptized me and my family in the Name of Jesus Christ at Life Church, Pastored by Rev. Stan Gleason (O-MO).   My influence in this great and fantastic apostolic message continues to come from Lea Culver, Pastor Gleason, Pastor Ken Dillingham and others that have faithfully supported me and my family as we became grounded in the church.


Soon after being established in the church I received permission from Pastor Gleason to join ASR where I continued my passion of motorcycle ministry and reaching those that others are unable to reach. Soon after joining ASR I was instrumental in establishing a new chapter (MOKAN Chapter) based out of Life Church in Kansas City, MO which grew to ten members. Since establishing the MOKAN chapter I served as President and later was appointed by the National board as the State Coordinator for Missouri. After receiving the appointment as State Coordinator I led the startup of several new chapters established throughout the Missouri District adding many new members to join this wonderful and successful motorcycle ministry.


My ministry development continues to evolve by teaching bible studies and discipling people to Christ, and with the completion of three semesters at Purpose Institute.


Motorcycle Ministry Positions Held:

 CMA Chapter Road Captain (Washington) 1997-2004

CMA Chapter Vice President (Virginia) 2005-2007

ASR Chapter President MOKAN (Missouri) 2014-2017

ASR National Retention Committee 2016 (One year assignment)

ASR National Committee Member 2016-2017

ASR State Coordinator (Missouri)  2015-2017

Motorcycle Ministry Leadership Accomplishments

Christian Motorcycle Association

  • Held key positions including Road Captain and President
  • Established new startup chapters
  • Established new members; over 50
  • Coordinated regional rallies and rides


Azusa Street Riders

  • Held key positions at local Chapter, District and National levels
  • Established new startup chapters, three in Missouri
  • Established new members, up to 30 in Missouri
  • Serves on National Committees
  • Coordinated and led chapter rides


If elected; as a member of the Board I will continue to seek the Lord first and follow the by-laws of ASR when serving with members of the National Committee. I will use my broad experience established in over 22 years of service to the U.S. Navy and our great Nation and years of progressive motorcycle ministry leadership to help guide ASR to new levels of ministry and growth.


Vice President Candidate
Mark Hardin Bio

It is with great appreciation that I submit this not so short bio for our ASR
constituents to consider for the upcoming elections. I’m a country boy at heart and
not much for politicking. It shows the growth of this organization that we have
multiple candidates capable of carrying on the vision of this ministry.

I’m a third generation Apostolic minister. My grandfather and dad both exampled a
love and concern for souls…in both the physical and spiritual needs. My grandpa
came out of the world during the prohibition days. He made his own brew back in them
hills of southern Indiana and never backed down from a fight. When he came to the
Lord, at a brush harbor revival, he fought for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Clarence
Hardin left an example of miracles, signs, and wonders for me to believe in.

My dad followed suit by starting or reviving several churches from Indiana to South
Dakota, Louisiana to Illinois. No matter the challenge his example taught me to
persevere and hold to Truth. He cared for the soul, disregarding race or social

I briefly mention these men because it is their combined example that has provided
me a heritage of serving others. When I signed up with ASR it was after 2yrs of
meeting some of the leadership. I had started several interest based outreach
programs, such as “Christian Trail Rides”. If I could get them to ride a horse with
me long enough, I could share the Gospel with them. As I heard the heartbeat for
souls coming from those I met (and I already rode a bike with a group of neighbors),
I was all in. I never dreamt of moving into any further leadership role other than
wearing a patch and leading people to Christ by what it represents…this Acts 2

Coming out of High School, I didn’t know what I wanted to be or do, so I had the
opportunity to travel with a band called David and the Giants as sound man and
roadie. That “gig” led me to Bible College in Houston TX, then came home to a 30yr
carrier in the printing industry, with management, sales, and business development
experiences. All along, serving in our local church in just about every capacity
except pastor. I had a life change in 2010 when the company I worked so hard for was
bought out by another and they let our whole sales staff go. I knew the Lord was in
it, but it was still a painful separation. I then determined to move more full time
into the ministry, which has led to writing a book, “Cultivating a Culture of
Caring” and beginning to evangelize when the doors open.

I am a principled individual that finds my strengths in organizational skills. I’m a
softer spoken evangelist that believes if the Spirit moves it, nothing will be able
to stand in front of it. I’m on a hunt to find the same keys that the Book of Acts
Church had with God…not so that we can display power, but that God will speak to
and through this earthen vessel to meet the needs of hurting people. If the lame
walk, the dumb talk, and the blinded eyes are open then there will be no need for
outreach. The lost will be coming to you. One thought I would leave with us…if the
ASR Ministry can tap into the same Holy Ghost power that was given to our
forefathers, then we can turn this world upside down by the power of the Holy
Spirit. One would not need to doubt if he/she has received the Holy Ghost, for once
a Holy Ghost filled ASR Member lays hands on them, they shall receive and It will
evidence with speaking with other tongues…following closely behind…love, joy,
peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, kindness… It is our lacking that
causes many to not receive. I’ve said it many times, “I have not arrived until my
shadow heals the sick as it did in the book of Acts!” Wouldn’t it be appropriate
that those who have been set free, and feel such freedom when the wind is blowing in
our ears, that we would become Apostles of the Gospel to such a degree that we are
called upon to bring revival to churches and whole communities…as they did in Acts
when folks had not received the Holy Ghost, they called for delegates to come and
lay hands on them that they would receive. That, my brothers and sisters is what we
are called to do…in the jailhouse to the church house!

I pray that gives you a glimpse of who I am…my heartbeat…my dream for the ASR
Ministry going forward. My old pastor told me many times, “Mark, don’t bring a
problem if you don’t have a solution to offer. Go pray till God provides some
direction and then bring the problem.” I’ve found that to be sound advise, and, it
makes me pray before I do anything else.

I would close with this…we have great men and women already in leadership, and we
have the same in the various candidates that have been nominated (nominated not
running…I believe is the theme, so it makes it hard to commercialize and politic).
So, whoever the body votes into any position, you will not hear me moan and
groan…I will continue to win souls and grow this great outreach ministry to the
best of my ability in the area in which I am contained.

God bless and keep you all…I look forward to seeing all of you in Texas!


I hope this special addition of the rumblings is helpful. looking forward to seeing each of you in Texas in a few weeks.

God Bless

Anthony Storey

Azusa  StreetRiders

International President



National Chaplain Position

Praise the Lord Azusa StreetRiders..

I would like to inform you that Rev. Robert Eades has stepped down as the Azusa StreetRiders National Chaplain effective July 1,2017

I would like to thank Bro. Eades for his time as our National Chaplain. I Pray for Gods blessings on him and his family and that HE keeps the Eades family safe as the travel sharing the Gospel.

I would also like to announce that Rev.. Allen Cherry from Louisiana has been appointed the Azusa StreetRiders new National Chaplain.

Please welcome him to his new position. I know he will do an awesome job.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Texas this August.

God Bless

Rev. Anthony T Storey

Azusa StreetRiders

International President

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