A Word From Your Vice President – My Vision For 2016

Well 2015 is over. Hello new year hello new opportunities.

I went out yesterday for a short and very cold ride and spent some time thinking about my vision for ASR in 2016. Well this may not seem like any big brainstorm but this is truly one area that both ASR and me as an individual need to focus on for 2016. It is simply. Connect. Connect with other ASR members. This will help us in so many ways.

Over Thanksgiving my wife and I traveled to Kansas City to visit family. We use this opportunity to visit the Mo/Kan Chapter of ASR and also had members of the Cameron Missouri Chapter join us. We had a wonderful time of worship, food and fellowship.

In December my wife and I traveled to the Louisville Kentucky area. You guessed it. We took this opportunity to meet with the Northern Kentucky Chapter. We attended their Christmas party and then went on and had fellowship with a few members by going shopping at the local Cycle Gear Store and going to see Christmas lights.

Where am I going with all this? There are many members of ASR who are totally independent and live a distance from a chapter. The point I’m trying to get across is we all travel. Simple travel in our daily or business life gives us the opportunity to connect with other ASR members and chapters. It doesn’t have to be a scheduled event or even a church service. It can be a simple lunch or cup of coffee with a member. This is both how we can plug in with ASR members that we know and do not know. This can be a way for us to meet new Friends as well as old.

If we could catch this vision think of all the new members that we could meet in 2016. Think of all the members that live to far away from a chapter or events to get involved in that would would now have connections with other members. How about old members that are no longer involved in ASR.

I already know what some of you are going to say. I don’t travel. Simple solution. Once a month pick up the phone and call someone that you don’t know from ASR and introduce yourself. After all we are family so how about in 2016 we get to know our family. Let’s catch the vision. Let’s Connect in 2016.

Rev. Jim Curley
National Vice President
Azusa Street Riders


dsc03533 Left-Curve-Side-Road-Sign-X-W1-10L Right-Curve-Side-Road-Sign-X-W1-10R


On any Given Ride, we are presented with countless road signs along the way, each strategically placed to guide and warn us of potential danger. Are there particular signs that suggest more of a threat than others? I believe there are. Consider the commonly seen signs I have posted here. Each represent a routine curve to either the left or right. Each also indicates a junction with a side road at some point mid-corner. Although, at face value, neither sign appears to suggest a higher priority over the other, one distinction presents higher risk to the rider. Of course, all intersections deserve our full attention. But knowing that traffic crossing or entering our lane is the leading cause of multi-vehicle crashes, a curve with a junction to the right is of particular importance, especially if that curve has an obstructed view like your behind a car. Assume an advancing left-turning driver (who would also have a limited view of our approach) will be crossing our path as we appear. By making this sign a high priority, we can anticipate the turning car before we even enter the corner, and then take necessary precautions to avoid a mid-corner conflict.
The best position a rider should be in when approaching that  blind left curve with a road to the right when behind a car. Is to position your bike to the outside of the blind curve. Meaning position the bike to the outside far right of  your lane. This position increases your line of sight and provides the most advanced visual warning possible. Now start slowing your approach to the corner leaving some space behind the car in front of you. So you can stop if need be or make a quick adjustment. But don’t let the car in front of you get to far a head. This would invite the turning car right into your lane and path.
Don’t over look signs


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Azusa StreetRiders!!
2015 just came to a close and we are now in 2016.
We had a motto through 2015 that was tagged on to a lot of communications between us— “2015 Next Level.” Let me assure you, that is exactly what we accomplished!! Job well done, Azusa StreetRiders!!
I’m excited about our 2016 National Rally. It will be held in Cameron, Missouri at Bro. Joe Jones’ Church. You will not want to miss it! Bro. Peter Gray, (Missionary to Haiti), will be our Thursday night speaker for the “Motorcycles for Missionaries” Service. Bro. Kenneth Carpenter, Pastor of First Apostolic Church, Maryville, Tennessee and ALJC General Superintendent, will be our Friday night speaker.
We are equally as excited about having the location for the 2017 National Rally in place already; Bro. David Gilbert’s church in Denison, Texas. (August 03 through August 05, 2017).
We cannot stop pushing now. With the winter months upon us, it’s the perfect time to get out there and share Jesus with everyone we see. Reach out to other Apostolic churches with riders. Luke 14:23 “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”
I pray In the Mighty Name of Jesus, that you and your families are greatly blessed and that the Lord keeps you all safe.

God Bless,
Rev. Anthony Storey
Azusa StreetRiders National President