2016 Back to the Basics

Praise the Lord Azusa StreetRiders,
We are in the 5th month of 2016 already, we are seeing awesome growth already this year.  In the last week of April we added three new chapters,  one in New Philadelphia Ohio with 8 new members , one in Evansville Indiana, with 5 new members and one in Ball Louisiana with 8 members.  God is Blessing us!!

I’m trusting that the Lord is not done with the revival He has sent us this year, but we must do our part. Lets bind together in prayer and keep on sharing the Gospel.  2016 can be our greatest year to date!!

Jesus is coming soon, lets not give up on reaching souls till He calls us home. God placed each of us in this ministry for a reason and that is to reach the lost! It’s not about bikes, riding or what organization we belong too, the Azusa StreetRiders is about JESUS!

Back to the basics in 2016 should be our mind set: Prayer, fasting, reading His Word and apostolic worship should be included in our activities.

In three months, we will be gathering for our 2016 National Rally and the excitement is building!  The Lord has blessed us greatly each year, with a great time of fellowship, new friends and most of all ,His presents. You will not want to miss this years Rally!
At our National business meeting we will be having some elections, so please try to attend. The two offices will be Secretary,  currently held by Bro. Robert Thompson and Vice President,  currently held by Bro. Jim Curley

Each of these positions are National Board positions and need to be considered carefully and with prayer. These positions are very important and take  dedication of personal time and sometimes personal funds, due to travel. All qualifying members are eligible to nominate someone or hold office. We will be posting qualifications on the website for each position.

The Cameron Missouri Chapter has put together some nice rides for us this year and on Thursday Aug. 4th 2016 during our ride we will be visiting the Harley Davidson Factory in KC. for a tour of the plant.

Vicky and I will be visiting the Cameron chapter in May and we are looking forward to seeing y’all at the rally August 4 – 7 2016

I appreciate all you do for the Lord

Rev. Anthony Storey

Azusa StreetRiders National President

The Dirt on Riding Un Paved Roads.

off road

The Dirt on Riding Un paved Roads.
dirt road
IT’S THE END OF THE ROAD for many. But it’s just the beginning for those who are comfortable and confident when the pavement ends and gravel or hard packed dirt begins. Why is it we get so uptight when things get loose underfoot (or under tire, as it were)? Because things feel a little weird and unfamiliar on dirt. The motorcycle moves around more beneath us on unpaved surfaces, the front wheel seems to wander and the handlebars come alive in our sweaty palms. In reality, while things feel loose, there is typically more traction on hard packed dirt than riders expect. All of that movement the machine is doing? It’s just the bike’s natural way of finding a suitable path forward. That said, there are a few techniques unique to riding unpaved roads vs a hard, smooth road surface.
Stay lose. Avoid fighting the bike’s surface and, instead loosen your grip and let the motorcycle find its way. Remember the bike doesn’t want to fall any more than you do; it wants to keep moving ahead and stay upright. Keep your eyes up, looking well ahead and the bike will follow. Shift your weight from your seat to your feet. With arches on the pegs (or boots flat on the floorboards) and knees against the tank, steer with your lower body and less with your hands. Unlike riding on pavement, you’ll want to keep your body upright, allowing the bike to lean beneath you in corners to maximize traction. While all of this may feel a bit awkward at first, you’ll soon become more comfortable and more confident as you discover just how well even a large touring motorcycle can navigate dry, unpaved surfaces. And the end of the pavement will be just the beginning of your next riding adventure.
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain

Sword Run (Clarksburg, WV) promos: videos, poster, sponsor form, info

You can view / link to the promotional videos on YouTube via these links / displays:

30 sec video, for social media, with wall-to-wall content without large margins: https://youtu.be/fU_j2ZHe2ME

15 sec video, with margins, targeted for WDTV: https://youtu.be/996417ufpBo

30 sec video, with margins that fit WDTV & regular TVs: https://youtu.be/AMDu8PDXMFc

Here are links to the promotional poster & sponsor form

Sword Run Poster (8.5x11)
Poster, letter-size (8.5 x 11)
PDF (2.6 MB)
JPG (2.1 MB)
Sponsorship Form, letter-size (8.5 x 11), PDF (0.2 MB) or JPG (1.2 MB)
Sponsorship Form
letter-size (8.5 x 11)
PDF (0.2 MB)
JPG (0.9 MB)

As always, you can register online at http://swordrun.com