common mistakes riders make


common mistakes riders make

Failing to use defensive driving techniques

While defensive driving is important for all  riders in particular, should be aware of their surroundings and expect the worse. Don’t assume other drivers will yield to you and always be aware of traffic patterns. Anticipate problems and road hazards so you can slow down before reaching the problem.

Lacking braking and cornering skills

While motorcycles are lighter and more agile than passenger cars, there is also a learning curve associated with operating a motorcycle. Be especially alert when you are near intersections because approximately 50 percent of motorcycle-vehicle collisions occur there.

Selecting a motorcycle that’s not a good fit

While a large motorcycle with immense power may be appealing, you should buy a motorcycle that you can handle safely. Large motorcycles are heavy and you must be strong enough to push it or pick it up when you fall over. You should also consider the functionality of your bike.

Forgetting about the limitations of a motorcycle

Always remember to familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual and attend a motorcycle training course. A professional class can provide you with the knowledge and skills you may not learn when your friend teaches you how to ride.

Being inconsiderate

Avoid weaving in and out of stalled traffic and riding on shoulders. Being inconsiderate can aggravate other drivers and cause them to react negatively, putting both of you at risk.

Michael Theodore

National Road Captain


The Stale Green


The Stale Green

Just how fresh is that green light?
As we all know (or should), intersections are the leading spots for crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles. Fortunately, traffic at busier intersections tends to be managed by automated traffic signals. the presence of those signals should be enough to eliminate incidents. In reality they do not. Why? Because drivers (and some riders) tend to push limits at the critical transition time when lights change. Drivers anticipate green lights,anxiously jumping into the intersection prematurely. Simultaneously, impatient drivers accelerate through red lights to avoid sitting through another cycle. That makes the transitioning traffic light a truly dangerous proposition for any motorcyclist.
Riders commonly carry speed up to an intersection especially if the traffic light ahead shines green. But if that light has been green the entire time it’s been in view, one can’t know how long it has been green. More important, we can’t know if it is about to change. As riders, a good rule of thumb (or throttle hand) is to assume that if the light has been green the whole time it’s been in view, we should consider it to be a “stale” green that is old enough to turn yellow by the time we arrive. On your Approach you should then check your mirrors (looking for that driver behind who might be determined to make it through the intersection with or without you), and select a speed that would allow you to calmly, smoothly and safely stop before the light potentially turns to red. Look for vehicles waiting at the light to the right or left, as well as in an opposing left – turn lane; they will surely trigger a stale green to change to red even sooner. Anticipating the stale green gives us fresh options to stay in control at intersections.
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain

2017 National Rally – Are You Ready?

2017 National Rally – Are You Ready?

Believe it or not the 2017 National Rally is only 6 months away. It’s time to start getting ready, marking you calendars,making hotel reservations, putting aside a few dollars and inviting people along for the ride. I personally cannot wait to meet up The first week in August in Denison Texas with all of my ASR family.

It is not to early to start praying and fasting for this rally. I am asking all ASR members to add this rally to your regular prayer schedule and to please fast one day a month in preparation for this rally.

Let’s make this rally the biggest and the best National Rally to date.
Remember to use every opportunity to witness to people. On the way to the rally we will be stopping at gas stations, restaurants etc. let’s use every opportunity that we have to share Jesus with people along the way. I personally do not want to leave a gas station with at least telling one person about Jesus. This much travel gives us great opportunities. We can waste it or use it for His kingdom. The national rally is not just a gathering of friends, it is a gathering of apostolic bikers. So I keep it simple by saying – let’s be apostolic and look for opportunities for the kingdom along the way.

The 2017 Azusa StreetRiders National Rally will be held in Denison Tx

Wednesday Aug 2, 7pm meet and greet

Thursday Aug 3 all day ride and church at 7pm. Bro.Bruce Howell from the UPCI will be preaching the Motorcycles for Missionaries service.

Friday Aug. 4 all day ride and church at 7pm Bro. Samual Smith from the AWCF will be preaching.

Saturday Aug. 5th ASR National business meeting and election for National President and National Treasuerer will be held.

8am coffee and donuts

8:30 annual business meeting starts.

more details coming soon!!!!!!

Sherman, TX (Hwy 75/Hwy 82)
Quality Suites – $69.00 (all suites)
Hampton Inn – $79.00 standard
Denison, TX (Hwy 75/FM120)
Holiday Inn Express – $75.00 standard/$85.00 suite
All rates are available 3-days prior and 3-days post event dates
All rates are per room, per night and for single or double occupancy
$10.00 per additional adult per room, per night up to room capacity
All hotels feature complimentary hot breakfast buffet daily
All hotels feature rooms with 1-king or 2-queen beds (Quality Suites is an “all suite” hotel)
All hotels feature in-room refrigerators and coffee makers
Hampton Inn and Quality Suites also feature in-room microwaves
All hotels feature swimming pools
All hotels feature complimentary WiFi

Can’t wait to see you all in Denison Texas

Challenge – I am challanging all ASR members to invite at least 1 person to this rally.

Rev. Jim Curley
National Vice President
Azusa Street Riders

Azusa StreetRiders: “The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ”

I am extremely thankful for this ministry; and equally thankful to be a part of it. There is no doubt that we are taking the one and only true message of salvation to a culture and world that seems to have possibly been avoided throughout history. We carry the true Apostolic message. However, I have a question that I hope will drive each of us to intentional and genuine soul searching. Is it possible that we can be a member of an Apostolic ministry without being a genuine Apostolic Christian? Is it possible that we can be a member of Apostolic churches without actually living an Apostolic lifestyle? The early Apostolic church was driven with a passion to win the lost. Is it possible that we can become personally content residing under an Apostolic label only to slip away from our desperation to fulfill the great commission? Is our personal greatest endeavor still to find another hungry soul that we can point to Calvary? Are we content with a personal Apostolic experience that included an initial repentance, being “buried with Him by baptism”, and experiencing our personal Pentecost only to slip into complacency? Or on the contrary, are we still driven by the heartbeat of God? Souls. We must work while it is day. I desire to move beyond the contentment of simply residing under the umbrella of an Apostolic church, Apostolic ministry, and Apostolic label. Please don’t misunderstand me; I need each of these in my life. However, my desire is to be an Apostolic Christian. To have an Apostolic heartbeat. I pray that our vision and our focus is to passionately fulfill The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ; leading souls to Him.

Michael Luttrell
Azusa StreetRiders International.

Membership Renewal 2017

It’s time for membership renewal again. Just a reminder that at the National Rally 2016 the membership voted to change the Chapter membership dues to $30.00. When you receive your invoice it will reflect this change. Individual membership dues will remain at $60.00.

Your chapter dues can be paid through paypal or by mail. If you are not part of a chapter you can pay your dues through the online store.

We want to thank all of our members for your continued support of the ASR ministry. We pray that God will continue to bring the increase of souls to your church through this outreach.

Lydia Diaz-ASR Treasurer