Spring is in the Air

I greet all of you in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray this month’s edition of Rumbling’s finds each and every one of you spiritually sound and in good health. I would like to thank all of you for your prayers for me over the last month today is the best I have felt in several weeks and I give God all the glory.

Well Spring is in the air and for many that implies the start of the 2018 riding season. We already have several activities in play on the web site and FB. First let me say if your planning an ASR event please get it up on the web or FB for all to see, you never know who might show up. In addition let me encourage everyone to please partake in at least one or two scheduled ASR event sponsored by our different chapters.

As many of you know a lot of time, effort and money goes into these events and we need to do our best to support the ASR events we can. I know we cannot attend them all and I also know it might be a sacrifice but the time and effort will be worth it. To be honest several of our members try to attend, as many as they can. Sometimes not even letting them know their going to be there only to see the surprise and joy in sponsors faces when they pull up. The reason is they know that person made the effort and yes it can be an effort, but the fellowship and your support is worth it all.

I for one have been on the receiving end when I have held an event and had a great turnout you know what forgive my pride Lord but it felt good that so many sacrificed just to support something we were attempting to do. And it goes both ways I have also experienced if you support someone else’s event than chances are when you hold one many of those same chapters that you attended will attend yours. That kind of how it works.

In conclusion I would like to ask all our chapters that already have or are planning an event. We must be about our Father’s business. So I would like to see in every event time set aside for outreach of some sort. We must remember what were all about and that is doing our part to help save lost souls. If we do not build in that opportunity for focused outreach than well it’s just a day ride. There is nothing wrong with that however I would like us to be more aware than that. It’s fine pulling into a gas station or restaurant and having someone ask about our back patch, that is what it’s there for. What I am asking is deliberate seeking for lost souls. I’m not talking hours but if we can set aside a fifteen minutes to maybe a half hour to hand out a few tracks and maybe a one on one, you never know where that leads. This is our mission field let’s work it the best we can.

Let’s Make America Great Again. God Bless America and God bless you and yours.

Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ
email: robert.thompson@AzusaStreetRiders.com
Home: 865-376-0045
Cell: 305-525-4877

Nominations are now being accepted

The board is now accepting nominations for the positions of Vice President and Secretary for the elections to be held at the The 2018 National Conference in Jefferson, OH.

Anyone wanting to to nominate an individual pease send that nomination to


** Pleas contact Bro Robert via 305-525-4877 either by call or text to confirm the nomination has been received.

The duties for each position is listed below:

To be eligible to be on the Board an Individual “Member” must be a dues-paying “Member” in good standing for at least a period of one year. The term of office shall be two (2) years and elections shall be every year at the annual meeting of AzusaStreetRiders.

To include but not limited to:

Vice-President: In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall discharge the duties of the President. He shall execute all other such assignments as may be ordered by the Board or President. This shall include presiding at membership
meetings and/or Board meetings at the request of the President. Additionally, the Vice-President…

a. shall coordinate the efforts of all standing and special committees appointed by the

Board and/or the President, and be the liaison between the Board and said committees.

b. shall oversee and help implement the vision of the future of ASR.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for all books, documents, papers, and records of ASR not otherwise entrusted, temporarily or permanently, to other officers or to standing or special committees. The Secretary is, therefore, custodian of all ministry records. Additionally, the Secretary …

a. shall maintain all membership lists, complete with names, addresses, email addresses, church affiliations, etc., pertaining to all current and prospective members.

b. shall transcribe all minutes of meetings of ASR and the Board, and shall submit it for approval or amendment at the next meeting thereof.

c. when so required, shall conduct the general correspondence of ASR.

d. shall with the President, attest and seal all duly authorized and approved contracts of ASR and keep copies thereof in the corporate files.

e. shall execute all other such assignments as may be ordered by the Board or President.

f. at the expiration of the term of office, shall deliver to his successor the seal and all ASR books and papers in possession.

State Watch

A.B. 2972 would prohibit law enforcement officers from stopping motorcyclist based on the fact that a person rides a motorcycle or motorcycle club related clothing  without any individualized suspicion. The AMA supports this bill, which is keeping with organizations position statement on motorcyclist profiling. Also A.B. 1874 would end the transfer of funds by the state taken from the off Highway Vehicle Trust Fund to the General Fund. Currently, state law requires the Controller to transfer $833,000 a month.

H.B. 1749 would require all operators and passengers of motorcycles and bicycles to wear helmets. Current state law requires riders and passengers younger than 18 to wear helmets.

A.B. 261 which took effect this year, closes a loophole that allows adults to continue to obtain learner permits, rather than move on to a full motorcycle endorsement on their drivers licenses. Under the new law, the permit expires after six months and may be renewed no more than once. And the applicant may not reapply for another permit for five years.

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle Ride

Click to download PDF: ASR Event Lifeline Connect

Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle Ride

Azusa StreetRiders, the Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ is helping Lifeline-Connect of Urbana, IL, 

a Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol addictions with a fundraiser. Its mission is to help men rebuild their lives emotionally, financially, physically, socially and spiritually. Its 11-year track record claims a recovery success rate of approximately 70%. At present, they can only house 6 men at a time and the Coast-to-Coast Ride is a fundraiser to raise $100,000 need to build a 24-man facility.

Dates: May 27-May 31, 2018
Where Starting: Azusa Street Mission, Los Angeles, CA
Where Ending: White House, Washington, DC (Route Shown on Map above)
Overnight Stops: 27th Winslow, AZ; 28th Amarillo, TX; 29th Springfield, MO; 30th Richmond, IN; 31st Washington, DC
This is a fundraiser! Please secure sponsors and join us for the fun and fellowship. Any donation is appreciated. Join the ride at any point along the way and ride however far you are able.
For further info: Vince Sims (ASR Member, Urbana, IL) at 217-519-0165 or email at Vincent.sims@rocketmail.com



Straighten up and Ride Right

Some forms of posturing are actually appropriate

Did you ever think about your posture while you are riding? Have you ever asked the question is my riding posture correct?
Riding posture is one of the most over looked aspects of road riding. For most of us, the topic was mentioned in your beginning rider course ( you did take one of those right?) Yet proper riding posture can do wonders to improve control and provide all day comfort.
Even on a straight road, it’s important to place ourselves in a central position that allows the bike to move freely beneath us as we stay mostly still. For that to happen, we must sit upright and relaxed. Your  back should be should be straight but not stiff (and never slouched). Arms should be loose and your elbows relaxed, never locked. Your hands should rest lightly on your bars not griping them hard to improve feel through the bars and enable lighter steering input. Your knees should be bent slightly and lightly press against your gas tank. Having your feet your pegs/floorboards ready to bear your weight creates a more athletic position. If you have pegs on your bike and not floorboard. Place the balls of your feet the pegs when not shifting or braking.
Riders often complain of aching shoulders, sore wrist and stiff backs after even a few miles of riding. The culprit is often it’s because of poor riding posture. You can improve comfort by rolling your hips forward, which straightens the spine and absorbs shocks more efficiently. You can rotate your shoulders back instead of allowing them to roll forward; this one adjustment will greatly reduce shoulder stress and arm fatigue. Hinge forward at the waist to reach the handlebars without straightening your arms. Be sure not to place your weight on your hands and wrists. It may feel awkward at first, but it will soon become second nature.
So straighten up and ride right no slouching and see what a little posturing work can do to give you more control and less pain.

Michael Theodore
National Road Captain