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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Yes... it can happen. I would never have imagined it. I would not have thought it possible. Not only can it happen, it did happen!

One of the most amazing instances of the ASR backpatch speaking for itself happened to us on our way home from Colorado to West Virginia, returning from the recent annual national rally of the Azusa StreetRiders. Three of us were able to make the trip on our bikes. We were riding single file in the right lane. My wife was following in the minivan, with children and others in our group with her. We had taken turns leading, but it just so happened that I was the bike out front right at that moment.

A car slowly passed us. The husband was driving. His wife was in the passenger seat. I happened to look over and notice the wife was reading a Bible. That was unusual, worth a mental note. I was unaware (until we stopped later) of what had happened behind me, noticed by others in our group.

As the car first passed the sweep bike (in the rear), they apparently noticed the ASR back-patch. As they approached the second ASR rider (in the middle), they grew curious about the wording on the patch. The driver slowed and matched his speed to our bikes. Mind you, we were traveling at highway speeds—in excess of 70 mph! The wife carefully studied the back-patch of the middle biker. As the car sped up again, she reached for her Bible! By the time they passed the lead bike (me), she was reading Acts 2:38 aloud to her husband!

There are a few things in life that just work. The ASR ministry is one of those things. I perhaps cannot fully explain why and how it works, but it just does. Just as the wearing of a back-patch with Jesus name and Acts 2:38 emblazoned on it creates buzz, stirs curiosity, and opens doors for witnessing, even so having the Azusa StreetRiders ministry operate in your church will create new ministry opportunities, multiply the number of available leadership roles, and will allow men and women to explore their influence and grow into using their God-given power to build strength, love, and unity in their families, their church, and the world around them.

Last update on October 29, 10:20 pm by Pastor Doug Joseph.
Pastor Doug Joseph
"Serving you for Him and them."

What an amazing account of how easy it is to witness just by wearing your backpatch.

ASR International Ambassador

Many people do not even think twice about one of the best places where the ASR backpatch sticks out. Well it is at the gas station. This is where you have one of the best chances to witness to someone. It is so easy to stike up a simple conversion with someone pumping gas next to you or just walking buy. Because here is where people are looking close at the back patch. Most of the time it will be the other person asking you simplie questions like where you from.Did you ride all that way or what is Acts 2:38 or what is ASR or hey I Know what Pentecost is and so on. Even if you do not strike up a conversion with someone. Take note with your eyes who is watching you who is looking at your back patch.


Last update on November 5, 11:23 am by Michael Theodore.
What a great testimony. I know that in speaking for myself I can only pray that wearing my patch will have the same effect and results. Thanks for the testimony Bro Joseph.
Last update on January 7, 6:49 am by David Showalter.

I've had more conversations as a result of the back patch than I've ever had with my suit and tie. Smile

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