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My wife and I are planning a trip through New England and to Niagra Falls, I generally carry concealed, but several states on the route are not gun friendly. As a Chrisitan, what do you guys suggest?

Illinois recently became the final state to pass a concealed carry law. One thing I have been learning is that every state's laws seem to differ.

The best advice I have heard so far is to become as familiar with the law of any state where you will be traveling...whether its concealed carry or transportation.

All you can do is do your best to comply with their laws and regulations.
I have found that most states below the Ohio river in the south east except my ky lic with no issues so I always carry. I don't spend much time north of the river although we are planning to ride to DC in sept so I will need to check this out.
Rev. Anthony Storey, ASR President

There is an app called "CCW" in the Google play store for $1.99. It is supposed to tell you what states will recognize your CC permit, has info ontheir laws, and a map for trip planning. I've never used the app, but it might be worth the money to see what it does.

I like my app from Ohio it's free and lets me know what states I can carry in with a Ohio CCW


I carry everywhere I go, accept police stations and govmt buildings.

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