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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

my name is Rick Springer , I'm a member from Battle Creek Michigan.
I decided this Spring to take a lap around Lake Michigan. So I took my bike to the dealer and had it checked out. All things being good I headed out , encountering a couple hours of rain, and even some detours with dirt roads...
On the final leg of my journey , approximately 3 hours away from home , and had traveled about fifteen hundred miles , I was on the southside of Chicago heading East on I-94, when I hit a tar snake while braking, my front tire went out from under me, and went down at about 60 miles an hour.
I broke my left ankle, collarbone, and three ribs , with massive road rash as well. It was a warm, sunny day. There's no reason that I should have gone down!
As an organization, we should rally with other organizations, and get this tar snake danger changed!
Please Google this! You will find the list long. And there are even forums about it!
If it's gone this long, why have we not joined forces to get this corrected?
If God would not have had his hand of protection on me, things would have been far worse!
I pray we can band together and correct this problem, before other Riders get hurt, or worse!

Was on my way home with Sharon on the back the other day and hit a patch of tar snakes in a sweeping curve... back end got loose but we recovered... was definately a stressful moment. I hope youre recovering well (been a minute since this post) and I agree with you!!!

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