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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Thank you Bro Rick Perry for continuing to write threads . I apologize for my negligence . I know i personally can use every word of wisdom i can get.I am getting myself prepared to get busy as Bro Storey ASR President , appointed me to a new position as International Chaplin. Paramount is spreading the needs for prayer we receive. i will work with National Chaplins , as well as Area Chaplins to work together to provide a place for people to call on when they have needs for prayer. Also another responsibility will be to prayerfully consider , research , and present to the Board applicants for Motorcycles for Missionaries . Having spent my high school years in North Africa , and traveling through Europe ,I have been burdened for Foriegn Missions. In 25 years of Pastoring have had many Missionaries in my home,sharing thier burdens,and visions for the Work of God in their countries .As in all my endeavors , I rely on the God of my Salvation to guide me in all I do.Wishing Gods best for all my ASR Brothers and Sisters. Always Bro Cherry
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