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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we are taken from high places but most often when God finds us we are in the lowest of lows. The potter goes and digs the clay from a dirty riverside and shovels us into a bucket.we are the clay that is covered in mud. We are so dirty and surrounded by dirt. We are literally dirt ourselves. But God sees something beautiful he can make. He places us in his bucket because he has a purpose for us. After we are in the bucket we are carried away from the world. Separated so we can be in his workshop where we are sorted. The rocks of bitterness and hate must go. Our streaks of evil and self infatuation have to go. The air is pounder and kneaded out. Bubbles of pride,arrogance,foolishness are pounder until we expel every bit. Not until the impurities are gone are we ready for the next step. We must let go of what we used to define ourselves as and let ourselves become what he meant for us to be. Throughout the process water is constantly added. The refreshing spirit helps us let go of things and keeps us soft to his touch. After we are pure clay he begins the molding process. We have to let go of our lump mentality and low standards we have set for ourselves. For we are to become a vessel of service. Before we are molded into the vessel we must learn that through his hands we are taken up and brought low. The process of being taken up and down makes us stronger. He defines how tall we will stand and how much we will hold. He stretches us and shapes us into his plan. No matter what God shapes you into remember that you are his clay and he made you perfect for your purpose.
Central region chaplain
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