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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

I have heard more than once how it would benefit even the experienced motorcycle rider to take the beginners basic motorcycle course .Surely one would cover things they are accustomed doing everytime they ride , but it certainly doesnt hurt to be reminded why we do certain things we do to ride safe . Then the experienced rider course takes us fartherinto the dynamics of rider safety .So it is with the Word of God . When Pastoring , i often went back to the basic doctrines which our lives are built upon . Reminding us of repentance , infilling of the Holy Ghost ,and living a life pleasing to God . These are the basics my Pasior instilled in me , and I am forever grateful . Also there are basics in Azusa Streetriders as well ,Prayer , Motorcycles for Missionaries , Sharing the Word of God to the biking community . Remember , these are only the basics , yet these must be in place to build upon . In Jesus Name . Rev Allen Cherry International Chaplin Azusa Streetriders
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