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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

As I age ,maybe not graceful , Ive become more aware of pain . It seems when I rise each morning , i wonder what area i will feel first . The pain in my neck ,( no one in particular ) a herniated disc ! Or my knees , result of a fall years ago that comes to visit more often than not . Although I could go on and atempt to garner pity from those of you with compassion , I will switch gears and look at the pain of others . Those we request prayer for as ASR Chaplins are experiencing all types of pain and hurt .Yet we are the ones who know THE ONE who has not only the power, but the compassion to heal all manner of pain . I cannot tell of all the times Jesus has taken away my pain , Like 41 years ago last week when I lost my first son , who died 7 hours after he was born . What pain , what extreme hurt , yet at the name of Jesus , a comfort washed over me .Because of this , and all the other times The Lord has removed pain , comforted my mind and my soul , I can call on Him for others , with the assurance our God will answer our prayers . Bro Cobb and family are feeling hurt , his daughter , grandchildren , Tammy , Trenton, and Taylor Wilthrow due to their dad passing away yesterday morning . Lets pray for them with Full Confidence Jesus will comfort the hearts and minds , through faith in His name . In His Name , Rev Allen Cherry International Chaplin ASR
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