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Azusa StreetRiders International - The Oneness Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

We give honor our ASR members that have passed on to their eternal reward. If you know of a name that needs added here, please let us know.

  • Bro. Roger V. Huntsman, Kansas City, Missouri, Passed 2004

  • Sis. Terry Mikus, New Jersey, Joined 2007, Passed 2008

  • Sis. Cheryl Elliot, New Jersey, Joined 2007, Passed 2008

  • Bro. Gary Ayres, Florida, Joined 2009, Passed 2012

  • Bro. Norman Zeno, California, Joined 2010, Passed 2014

  • Rev. Larry Evans, Kentucky, Joined 2013, Passed 2014

  • Bro. Norman Overstreet, Nezbit, Mississipi, Joined 2011, Passed 2015

  • Sis. Mary Jeanette (Gentry) Polston (1938 - 2016)
    Mary Jeanette Polston, 78 of Denison, TX passed away Sunday, December 18, 2016 in Denison. Mary was born Wednesday, November 30, 1938. She was also an active member of Azusa Street Riders Motorcycle Ministry (Texoma Chapter), having joined ASR on November 22, 2015. She was truly a Foot Soldier in the army of the Lord.

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